Jagersfontein, Free State, South Africa

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Jagersfontein, Free State - South Africa

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Explore Hatari Hunting Safari memories. Browse our Hunting Gallery for Free State hunting trophies, luxury lodging, campfire friends and unmatched hunting excursions.

Hunting Memories

Have you ever thought about back on your African safari?

Imagine capturing the camaraderie of camp life, the terrain, the joys, and the hardships, those long stalks and the thrill of the hunt. That moment when a sneaky Kudu bull steps into the clearing across the ravine, only to be met by a well placed shot from your favourite rifle. The thought of sharing the emotion of seeing your very first African sunrise and then being able to share that with family and friends back home.

At Hatari Big Game Safaris we pride ourselves on giving guest more than just a hunt by offering unmated hunting memories that will last for a lifetime. Send us your hunting pictures at hatari@diysuper.co.za